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Our Booking Terms & Conditions
By booking on any one of our training courses you agree to accept and abide by our terms and conditions.   
Cancellations & Refund Policy
Our standard 15 working days cancellation policy applies to all course bookings.
Booking a place on one of our training courses is very simple.  All bookings can be made via our website by completing the form for your required course and submitting it to us.  
Once we receive a booking form we raise an invoice and a confirmation letter.  This is our standard procedure for processing all bookings.  The invoice and confirmation letter are sent out together, by post within 2-3 working days.  If you fail to receive confirmation from us within this time-frame, you must immediately check that your booking has been a) received by us and b) confirmed by us.    Should our confirmation and invoice not arrive with you due to a postal problem, we can supply you with a copy of both at that time.
Alternatively you can send us an email requesting a place on your chosen course, or you can call us and book over the phone on 01787 313137 with a debit or credit card. For all methods of booking we will send you an invoice/ or a receipted invoice (if paid) together with the confirmation letter for the course chosen, by post, within 2-3 working days, as above.   
Standard 15 working days cancellation policy ‘in a nutshell’
AAA Training operates a strict 15 working days cancellation policy for all course bookings. Demand for our courses is high and when a booking is made, other customers are turned away on the strength of that booking.   
Changes to Bookings – more than 15 working days from the start of your course
Outside of 15 working days from the start of your course date we are very flexible.  You may contact us at any time to request a change of course date, change the name of the attendee or even choose to change your course type.  We will be pleased to change your booking, subject to availability and there is no charge for this.  You will be asked to put this request for a change of booking in writing to us to confirm that is what you want to do.
If you know that you are not going to be able to make a date but want to keep your options open, you can opt for a course credit note whereby you can make a choice at a later date.
If you decide to cancel your booking altogether then our standard cancellation fee of £50 will apply.
You may also request a refund of any monies paid, up to 15 working days of the start of the course you have booked.  Please note our administration and handling charge of £50 for processing customer refunds.
Changes to Bookings made less than 15 working days from the start of your course
Most trainees book for courses many weeks in advance. It is therefore almost impossible for us to re-sell any places within a short time-frame.  For this reason, cancellations, or requests for postponement, or change of course date received less than 15 working days before a course is due to run, put the whole course in jeopardy.  This might result in the cancellation of a course and mean that other trainees are let down through no fault of their own.  For this reason we cannot accept late cancellations (made less that 15 working days before a course is due to run), or changes to training dates made within this time-frame, but substitute trainees are allowed.   If you contact us to advise that you will not be attending a course, or you simply do not attend the training course at all, you will still be liable for the full cost of your booking, so it is your interest to arrange for a substitute to take your place.
Please note, for clarification, extenuating circumstances do not include ‘personal matters’, or work-based issues such as workload, or holidays.
Late bookings
A ‘late booking’ is a booking that is made less than 15 working days before the due start date of a course.    
If you place a booking within this time frame, you do so with the full understanding that should you wish to cancel the booking, change the booking, or postpone the booking, or if you do not attend the course for whatever reason you will still be liable for the full cost of your booking and payment of the cancellation fee.  
Cancellation Fee
AAA Training have a cancellation fee because for every booking we take we incur costs.  Our costs include the administrative work undertaken to process a booking, the materials sent out from the office, as well as the fees we have to pay for the bank to process a cheque, an online payment or a credit/debit card payment. Our standard cancellation fee is £50.
All payments for training course bookings should be received by us in full fifteen clear working days before the course start date.  We do not take provisional bookings. Payment can be made by debit card, credit card, BACS, bank transfer or cheque but the onus is on you to ensure that we receive payment in good time to avoid any delay in receiving the joining instructions for your chosen course.
Stage payments
If you have been accepted by us to pay for your course by stage payments spread over a period of time, before the course start date, then please note that the invoice must be paid for in full, including any course fees, vat or exam costs, 15 clear working days before the course start date.  If full payment has not been received by us (as agreed under our terms for this method of payment), then it will still be due, irrespective of whether you subsequently attend the course or not.   
If, for whatever reason, your payment is not received by us by the due date, the booking still stands and payment remains outstanding.  Please do not assume that if you have not paid, and subsequently do not attend the course then nothing is owed by you.  This is not the case.  Once you have made a booking against which we have raised an invoice and confirmed the booking to you in writing, then payment is still due irrespective of any circumstances.   
Cancellations by AAA Training  
AAA Training operates a minimum student number policy and if a course is undersubscribed with less than 40% of the places booked (4 students out of 10 places) at 7 days prior to the start of the course, you will be offered:
a) a place on any matching future course or b) a full refund of any course fees paid to us
Please note that we cannot be held liable for any other fees outside of your booking with AAA Training, such as hotel accommodation.
Please be assured that this policy is in place to maintain the quality of the training we deliver.  In the unlikely event of this happening we will give you as much notice as possible.   
Should a cancellation be necessary due to factors entirely beyond our control, i.e. adverse weather conditions, sudden and unexpected illness of the tutor, or fire, flooding, etc at the planned venue, conditions a) or b) above will apply.
Postponement of training by Corporate bookings
In exceptional circumstances and at its discretion, AAA Training may allow postponement and re-scheduling of an In-House course date by a Corporate client.  Postponed courses must be rearranged and the training delivered within 6 months of the originally booked training dates and payment must be received in full before the postponed course can be delivered.
Amendments to course content/materials
We reserve the right to make minor amendments to the course materials or content without notice.
Substitute Tutors  
AAA Training reserves the right to substitute Tutors without prior notification, in the case of accident, emergency or illness and/or in order to maintain its obligations under these terms and conditions.
External organisations  
Whenever AAA Training provides a course on behalf of external organisations and/or examination body, AAA Training acts as an agent only and you will be subject to their Terms and Condition, particularly in respect of course syllabi, examinations, assessments and certification.  AAA Training has no control over the decisions of external bodies and is unable to make decisions or rulings affecting them.
Training Certificates and non-payment
AAA Training reserves the right to withhold the Clients’ training certificates until payment is made in for the course fees in full.  
Health & Safety  
It is the student’s responsibility to inform us at the time of booking of any language difficulties, learning difficulties or a physical disability that may hinder the ability to participate in any element of the training course, or associated activity.    
Lunch and refreshments
Lunch and refreshments are provided on all scheduled courses, and it is the student’s responsibility to advise AAA Training of any food or other associated allergies.
AAA Training reserves the right to remove any delegate from its courses at its own discretion for reasons of anti-social behaviour, for reasons of health and safety, or for any other activity or behaviour deemed as inappropriate or unsafe.  In such cases the student and their employer will be informed and the situation will be treated as a cancelled booking.  Course fees will be forfeit and our cancellation fee will apply.
AAA Training also reserves the right, in exceptional circumstances, to abort any In-House training course where the client has clearly failed to provide suitable facilities for the training to be undertaken.  This can relate to either/and/or the non-supply of a room in which the training course can be held, the size of room being completely unsuitable for the number of personnel to be trained; unhygienic conditions in the room to be used for training purposes; and the nonsupply of basic facilities to meet normal health and safety requirements.   
AAA Training reserves the right to refuse entry to any training course to any delegate/ trainee who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or where it is determined that the student clearly fails to meet the required standard for the level of training to be undertaken.
This condition may also apply where the client has not/is not willing to supply previously requested equipment necessary for the training to proceed or supply reasonable refreshments where requested. In such cases client company will be informed and the situation will be treated as a cancelled booking.   Course fees will be forfeit and our cancellation fee will apply.
Copyright materials and acceptable usage
Course notes and reference materials are provided to support students in their studies and are issued for personal use only.  A lot of work had gone into the development of our course content and it has a commercial value.  The sharing of course materials by print, press, photocopy, email, blogs, internet or any digital transfer medium is strictly prohibited. If in doubt about what is and isn’t acceptable usage please ask.
After training AAA Training cannot to be held responsible for any inaccurate interpretation of instruction or training received and/or subsequent incorrect/unsafe actions carried out by any person in the workplace.  Furthermore AAA Training will not be held liable for any breach of statutory regulations, HSE guidance notes or Approved Codes of Practice on the part of any person or persons.
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